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Welcome to APWSS

Welcome to the Asian Pacific Weed Science Society (APWSS) website

The Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society (APWSS) is an international body that can express regional views on all issues relating to weeds and their management. The Society is composed of Executive Members from National Weed and Plant Protection Societies that have weed management as a major focus. APWSS has affiliations with all major National Weed and Plant Protection Societies in the Asian-Pacific Region.

News and Upcoming Events

Weed Science Society of America 2018 Annual Meeting
29 January – 1 February 2018; Venue: Arlington, Virginia, USA

28th German Conference on Weed Biology and Weed Control
27 February – 1 March 2018; Venue: Braunschweig, Germany

9th International IPM Symposium
19 – 22 March 2018; Venue: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Ecosystem and Habitat Management:Research, Policy, Practice By the Association of Applied Biologists
27 – 28 March 2018; Venue: Worcester University, UK

18th EWRS International Symposium "New approaches for smarter weed management"
17 – 21 June 2018; Venue: Ljubljana, Slovenia

21st Australasian Weeds Conference"
9-12 September 2018; Venue: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Neobiota 2018 (10th International Conference on Biological Invasions)"
4 – 7 September 2018; Venue: Dublin, Ireland

14th IUPAC International Congress of Crop Protection Chemistry"
19 – 24 May 2019; Venue: Ghent, Belgium

XIX International Plant Protection Congress - 2019"
10 – 14 November 2019; Venue: Hyderabad, India